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Cervical Cancer Care Kits


Briefs can be any color–
Please note the size tag on the bag

Sew across pad to hold
inner pad in place

Soap and wash cloth

Would your group be willing to make desperately needed cervical cancer care kits for the hospital? Contact Barbara at to find out how you can help.

Instructions for making Peri Pads for Cervical Cancer Care Kits

You will need the following…

  • Two patterns:  1) 4½” X 18 “ and 2) 4½” X 10”
  • Heavy absorbent flannel (Darker colors will be helpful when reusing pads. Wash before assembling the pads)
  • PULS (polyurethane laminate–used to make baby diapers).

Each pad will contain two outer layers of flannel (4½” X 18”). In between the two outer layers will be 2 inner layers (4½” X 10”) sandwiched with one PULS (4½” X 10”). The inner layers will be in the middle of the longer outer layers. It is easier to use a serger to stitch around the outer edges and trim if needed. Keep in mind that these pads need to be comfortable to wear. When the pads are complete you will want to sew through the pad beginning and ending with the shorter part of the pad to keep it in place when it is washed. There should be 5 pads per kit.

The Kits will also contain:

  • 2 women’s briefs sized 6-9. The people in PNG are generally smaller but some will be larger so most of the kits should contain smaller briefs. Please label the size of the briefs on the outside of the bag containing the kits.
  • One large bar of soap.
  • One wash cloth which can be used if it is in good condition.
  • 2 one gallon plastic zip lock bags.
  • An inspirational card which can be handmade or just a piece of card stock cut into an appropriate size. You can use a Scripture or a prayer and just a kind word from your group. You could even have your children’s ministry make cards.
  • Most of the groups are making drawstrings bags in which to place the items. This colorful cotton bag should be approximately 13″ x 18” with a nylon polyester braided corded drawstring which will hold up with continued use.

Send completed kits to:

Nazarene Hospital Foundation
460 Lone Oak Dr
Medford, OR 97504

Please email Dr. Todd at first so he will be prepared to receive your kits.

Questions? Call Barb Winter at 541-840-8534


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