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Welcome to Nazarene Hospital Foundation


Our Mission: Nazarene Hospital Foundation exists to support the ongoing work of Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea through the collections of medicine, medical supplies, equipment and cash donations.

Our Vision: Enabling Kudjip Nazarene Hospital to provide excellent medical care to the people of Papua New Guinea through which they may show the love of Christ and present the Gospel of Jesus to an increasing number of patients affecting lives for eternity.

What We Do:

  • Obtain medicine
  • Obtain medical supplies
  • Obtain medical equipment
  • Obtain cash donations
  • Ship containers of supplies to Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea

Come take a closer look at the work going on in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea…


“Through a mission trip, He revealed the kind of physician He wanted me to be, one who follows Christ in all things and who shares Christ with others. During my medical training, the call changed from being a physician to being a missionary physician… and am now serving as a Nazarene Missionary to bring Help, Hope, and Healing to all those who come to Nazarene Hospital.” –  Dr. Erin Meier

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