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Board of Directors

Answering the Call to Help a People in Great Need…


Todd Winter, MD Internal Medicine: Director

After my first trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 1998 I have felt a passion to help the people of PNG through the work of the hospital.  I have seen the love of God represented through the lives of doctors, nurses, and support staff caring for the medical needs of everyone who walks through the doors of Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.  Genuinely caring for people in their time of greatest need opens the door to share the gospel of Jesus Christ changing lives for eternity.  It is a privilege to work alongside so many committed, dedicated, selfless individuals, who work tirelessly for the benefit of others to improve physical health so that the Gospel of Christ may be spread.

Don Prescott, Edward Jones Certified Financial Advisor

My name is Don Prescott and my passion for Papua New Guinea dates back to 2005 when I got introduced to the country through the Nazarene Hospital Foundation Golf Tournament.  As a certified financial planner in Medford Oregon, I have enjoyed being a part of the Nazarene Hospital Foundation by praying for the people of PNG, loading containers, and sharing the needs of the people of PNG with my community.  What has always interested me about the people of Papua New Guinea is their appreciation of family and community.  My wife and I were able to fulfill a dream of ours and visit PNG in 2012. It was amazing.

Matt Thompson, MD Anesthesiologist

Being an anesthesiologist, I had the privilege of taking two short term mission trips to Papua New Guinea to work at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.  Seeing what can be accomplished, even with limited resources, has made this Foundation dear to my heart.

Jeff Fairbanks, Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer

“Hi! I am Jeff Fairbanks, A husband, father and a Navy Veteran. I Graduated from Southern Oregon University in 1999 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. I have enjoyed being involved in global and local missions and have participated in and lead teams to Papua New Guinea and Dominica. Although I have visited many places around the world, I really felt a strong connection with the people and culture of Papua New Guinea. I feel lucky to be able to support the hard work that is going on at the hospital in Kudjip by being on the Nazarene Hospital Foundation board.”


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