What is Work & Witness Worth?
from the February 2016 Newsletter.

It’s all in the name- “Work and Witness”: teams that come to do work and to witness to who Christ is. Some people question the pragmatics of spending so much money to fly to the other side of the world rather than just sending money…. but God’s economy is an “economy of grace” not of finance. He is not fretting about the bottom line or how He will provide - no His is the business of changed hearts.

The latest Work and Witness Team from Joplin District (parts of Kansas and Missouri in the US) is a great illustration. They came to build a toilet and shower block. From a construction point of view it is a small building for sure, but as I always tell teams - the fact that a team of people would fly around the world at their own cost to help us adds special significance. It helps our staff realize that everything we have is not simply given to us - it comes as a result of sacrifice of everyday people. It should be cared for . . . read more in the Latest Newsletter >>